About Us

New South Wales Badminton Association (NSWBA) is the local body that oversees the promotion of badminton with recognition by the NSW State government and further affiliation to the peak governing bodies Badminton Australia (BA) and the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

* Raise the awareness of Badminton in NSW.
* Organise and help run local and national tournaments.
* Foster Inter-Club competitions and socials.
* Encourage junior players and initiate Schools Sports development programs.
* Continual development of personnel and courses for coaches and court officials.

2020 Board Members

Carolyn Toh PresidentUNSW Badminton Club
Tony MorganVice-PresidentHunter Badminton
Victoria Wang SecretaryTBC
John Ling Teasurer   UNSW Badminton Club
Joseph ChuCommittee Sydney Central Badminton Association
Michael ChenCommitee NBC Badminton
Michael ChanCommittee   Infinity Badminton
Vincent NgCommittee   UNSW Badminton
Toby WongCommitteeDash Badminton

Contact us at admin@badmintonnsw.org.au