Line Judge Course

Thanks for attending the first training session at NBC Homebush today.  As promised, I have attached the BWF Technical Officials Line Judges manual below.  You will find the materials that I have covered today is on this manual (mainly session 3 to session 6).  It is worthwhile to go thru it yourself and refresh on what we have talked about today.  If you have any question please don’t hesitate to email back.

Download: Line Judge Manual

We shall have one more training session at NBC Homebush again in early April, for the new line judges I strongly recommend you come along to this session again.  Mind you at the end of all training sessions, you will be evaluated and only then you will be selected as Line Judges for ABO 2019.
Second training session on Saturday 6th of April at NBC Homebush between 1pm and 3pm. 


Janet & William