Sakuramoto/Takahata Interview

Japan’s Ayako Sakuramoto and Yukiko Takahata saw off the challenge from China’s Liu Xuanxuan and Xia Yuting 21-13 21-12 🏸 #ABO19

“This Australian Open, we have played last year as well. Players who 
gathered here is totally different and also their level is different. In the previous round was Japan against Japan. We were able to win the last game, and we also won today. We gained a bit of confidence from this result.” – Sakuramoto

“We were very glad to play. We were well prepared. We think what we can try iin this Australian Open. We would like to play each game gently.” – Takanata

“Well, there were a lot of occasions when we lost at the first round. We have practiced to overcome that. We would like to do our best at each match and we hope that lead to good results.” – Sakuramoto

“We would like to overcome to follow the top level players. This will lead to our confidence. We don’t know who we will compete tomorrow, but we would like to do our best to win.” – Takanata

“I feel the same way. It is not easy to pass the same stage as last year, because we had matches with top players. Whoever we play against tomorrow, we would like to be well prepared to play our best.” – Sakuramoto