Nozomi Interview

Nozomi Okuhara / 奥原希望 will compete against Yeo Jia Min in today’s quarter-final after a convincing victory over Ji Shuting yesterday (21-13 21-7). Hear what she had to say about the match 🏸 #ABO19

1. It looked like you changed your strategy form yesterday’s match. What did you change?

“Yesterday’s opponent was very unique. Today’s game was not bad in terms of rhythm. Although this was the first match with today’s opponent, I was able to adjust the rhythm to the opponent. I am not sure if this is a change of strategy from yesterday, but I was able to control my stroke better than yesterday and therefore take control of the game”

2. How would you like to play in tomorrow’s match?

“I think the level of opponent will be higher day by day. So I would like to be careful and be well prepared.”