2019 Media Accreditation Application

Media accreditation and activity on the venue is at the discretion of Badminton Australia. 


In consideration of being granted the right to enter the event area, all accredited entrants are required to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Media representatives must follow instructions from Media Centre staff and work within the clearly defined space of their accreditation status. Badminton Australia reserves the right to deny or remove media access at any time, i.e. inappropriate behaviour or violation of event rules. 
2. Media accreditation passes are not transferable
3. A photo ID will be required upon collection of passes at the accreditation centre, and returned to you upon completion of your duty each day.
4. Passes must be worn correctly at all times. This includes the wearing of a vest/jacket for photographers.
5. Accreditation passes remain the property of Badminton Australia and must be returned upon completion.
6. AV recording is not allowed, except for brief interviews in the mixed zone. There shall not be any implication that the footage is part of a ‘live broadcast’.
7. Media attendees must follow the protocol guidelines displayed onsite and during orientation. 

Media accreditation must be applied for PRIOR to the event.

To apply for media accreditation at the 2019 Crown Group Australian Badminton Open, please fill out the form below. This document must be completed and submitted by no later than COB Friday, 24 May 2019. 
➢ Please be sure to provide names as they appear on valid photo ID. A photo ID will be required upon collection of passes at the accreditation centre
➢ A passport-sized photograph is required with all applications (head shot). 
➢ This form must be submitted along with valid press credentials (i.e. letter of assignment from editor or employer, evidence of employment I.D such as security pass, foreign correspondent credentials) 
➢ Once media accreditation is approved, media representatives will be provided with event information, tournament schedules and a location map indicating the arrival/collection point. 
➢ Each journalist and photographer must apply individually for accreditation (one form, one person). 
➢ Freelancers must attach a letter of assignment from their employer.
➢ The no. of passes issued to each agency will be limited to one (1) journalist and one (1) photographer.
➢ While reasonable effort will be made to accommodate all valid applications, priority will be given to recognised media organisations with demonstrable circulations and audiences.
➢ You do NOT qualify for media accreditation if you fall within one of the following categories: PR and internal communications; non-journalist staff of media outlets eg sales & marketing; representative of fan websites; representative of marketing or advertising agencies.

Online media must meet the following requirements: 
➢The web publication must belong to a registered media organisation with verifiable address and phone
➢The publication must have a substantial amount of original news content, commentary or analysis
➢If the site is new or niche, we require the latest data on site visitors or press citations

Successful applicants will be notified by email before the event. 

For media queries, please contact: 
Kate Tan, Media Manager, 0430035053
email: katett02@gmail.com