2018 Women’s Singles Final

Women’s singles – Teenager takes second international title

As they went into their first time encounter, it was a Grand Prix Gold and Grand Prix titleholder up against a one time Grand Prix Gold winner. By the close, China’s Cai Yanyan had gone ahead in prestige by adding a BWF Super 300 title (Grand Prix Gold equivalent) to her career at the tender age of eighteen years old.

In order to win, Cai managed to shorten the amount of reaction time available to Japan’s world #170 Ayumi Mine, 21-14, 21-13. In desperation, Mine’s late bursts of strength on the last point of many rallies delivered shuttles long or wide of the perimeter.

“I’m pretty pleased. I prepared as usual but hadn’t expected the match to be as relaxed as it actually was. [After all] Japanese players are known for their determined court coverage”, explained world #104 Cai.