Choi/Seo cause another upset

Choi Solgyu and Seo Seung Jae 🇰🇷 caused a major upset in the men’s doubles as they knocked out the sixth seeds, Han Chengkai and Zhou Haodong 🇨🇳 19-21 21-16 23-21 🏸 #ABO19

1. Yesterday, you won against the Indonesians. Today, you have beaten a Chinese pair. What were your expectations or strategies coming into the match?

“As the Indonesian team has good attacking strokes, we tried to have a competitive edge over the mid-court drives. I think focusing on the game to the end was also a main contributor to this victory.”

2. Your matches seem to go to 3 sets a few times. How are you feeling so far?

“We try to do our best at every game. Even the time when we lost the first set, we tried not to be discouraged and to focus on our play, which, I think, has ultimately brought today’s victory.”

3. Your next match is against the 1st seeds. How will you prepare for tomorrow?

“The high-ranking players we will compete with tomorrow are quick to rotate, but as we did today, we will just concentrate on our play and then, I believe, we will have good result like today.”